AstroVideo 3.5

AstroVideo uses any Windows-compatible video capture device
3.5.4 (See all)

AstroVideo uses any Windows-compatible video capture device to create an effect similar to long exposure photography, byautomatically integrating a large number of video frames. Astrovideo captures and superimposes hundreds of video frames toacheive far greater sensitivity than is normally possible with alow-cost video camera.

AstroVideo has provision for assembling an even greatereffective exposure time by co-adding a number of multi-frameimages. Astrovideo can automatically align the images, even ifthe telescope tracking is not perfect.

For planetary imaging, AstroVideo allows you to capture alarge number of individual frames, to select those with the beststability and then to combine them, with automatic registration,to make a composite image.

If you have a camera modified for extended exposure times (eg Steve Chambers-modified web cam) AstroVideo can control the camera to achieve even better results.

AstroVideo gives you a chance to sample astro-imaging at afraction of the cost of an astronomical CCD camera.

Low-cost surveillance, monitoring and web cameras are readilyavailable and, applied to a suitable telescope, can givesatisfying views of the brighter astronomical subjects such asplanets and the moon. Now, AstroVideo allows you to imagesubjects that are much fainter than was previously possible withsuch cameras.

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